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What's it like to be a member of the GID team? Read what some of our staff think.

Its great working at GID! It’s a family atmosphere where everyone feels at home and valued. In our line of work no two calls are the same which brings variation to my work. I enjoy interacting with different customers from across the country.  Sam North – FCA Authorised Advisor

GID is an exciting company to work for. Even in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve received an extensive training plan that pushes my skill barriers and allows me to really develop and grow in my career.  Tina Ireland – FCA Authorised Advisor

It is a joy coming into work every day. All the staff make me feel appreciated and valued. I am in control of my day and allowed a level of independence that contributes to my professional growth. Emma Robinson – Senior FCA Authorised Advisor

I have worked in many industries, ranging from corporate to enterprise and even banking. I find this role to be the most interesting of them all, due to the fact that I am allowed to change my role to work within different sectors of the company.  Christine Cullum – Financial Controller

GID is a very happy and helpful environment where we are more like a family than workmates. I really look forward to coming into work every day.  Although I have been here for a relatively short time,  I’m offered all the support and information I need to succeed.  Mike Rush –  FCA Authorised Advisor

I enjoy coming to work as it is a happy office environment that allows me to achieve targets and goals that I set myself both in my personal and professional life. Lucy Hopkins –  FCA Authorised Advisor

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